Orbeon Protocol


We are creating an ecosystem that enables businesses and investors to bridge from web2 to the web3 world all in one place.

We are creating a robust ecosystem that allows real-world and crypto businesses to raise funds effortlessly whilst at the same time creating a safe environment where investors can find the next big startup and engage directly with the project owners and the community.

Launchpad -
Businesses can raise capital and seamlessly launch on multiple blockchains

Orbeon Wallet –

Enables users to buy, exchange and hold cryptocurrencies and NFT’s

Orbeon Swap –

Swap private and public tokens

Orbeon Exchange –

Real-world start-ups can trade rewards and equity based NFTs on the secondary market

Utility NFTs -

$ORBN token holders can purchase NFT’s on our platform. Project innovators can accept payment for NFT’s in exchange for cryptocurrencies or stablecoins.

Metaverse –

We aim to explore the virtual world by providing a metaverse launchpad.