Orbeon Protocol

The Problem

Everyday businesses are finding it difficult to grow within the current Web2 environment & the barriers to entry in Web3 means it is only accessible to big name brands


Sources of funding available for businesses include:

Crowdfunding: very “one-sided”, difficult to stand out from the crowd
Traditional banking: risk averse institutions, reluctant to lend
Native Web3 offering: fully crypto focused, difficult for businesses and the end user to understand
NFT-as-a service: high barrier to entry, focused on bigger brands, specialist technical expertise required to execute properly

Businesses, are struggling to secure funds from traditional players, stand out from the crowd, and reach new clients.

Risk averse banking institutions – Current uncertain global economic outlooks & the shocks from Covid, plus the conflict situation in Europe, means it is especially difficult for businesses to thrive & secure funding.
75%+ of SMEs in the UK are unable to secure funding from traditional players
Diverse founders struggle further - Minorities or women owned businesses are more likely to be rejected for an overdraft & charged higher borrowing rates vs their male or white counterparts.
0.25% of all VC funds in UK have gone to minorities founders in last 10 years
2% of all VC funds in US went to female founders in 2021
The fight for customer attention is brutal - Customers are constantly bombarded with offers and advertising. Businesses are struggling to stand out from the crowd & retain customers.
80%+ of customers are more willing to choose retailers with membership or reward programs
3.5x more transactions per member vs. no loyalty program

Everyday people are struggling to invest at the early stages in promising start ups either through lack of available information or prohibitive entry levels.


Unless you happen to be a founder, family member, or close friend of a founder, chances are you will not be able to get involved at the very beginning of an exciting new startup. If you happen to be wealthy or a high net worth individual, then you may likely be able to participate as an angel investor or invest through a VC fund.


Unless you are a crypto savvy who is consistently in the space, the likely hood is that you might experience issues with:
  • A lack of knowledge on where to begin investing in crypto and NFTs.
  • A lack of trust due to a lack of knowledge.
  • Questionable value of tokens and NFTs on offer due to lack of utility.
  • Poor user experience due to a lack of technical know how.
  • Complexity with complicated wallets, user interfaces and jargon.