Orbeon Protocol

Why Orbeon Protocol

Web3 & crypto can unlock a new frontier for businesses looking for funds & to engage with users and build a community

We provide traditional businesses & users with a trusted and easy to use end to end marketplace focused on utility NFTs providing real-life rewards to holders, with support available such as easy onboarding, reward and invoice management.

NFTs tied to real-world companies -

Businesses, Creators & users are seamlessly onboarded onto our platform. Each investment opportunity is then minted as an NFT.
Fractional ownership -
Each investment opportunity minted into an NFT is then fractionalised, enabling anyone to back and invest in brands they truly believe in starting from as low as $1

Liquidity -

Our platform enables users to buy and swap a variety of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Fractionalised NFTs of the businesses will now have a secondary marketplace thus providing liquidity to businesses and users.

Transparency -

All transactions are carried out on the blockchain. Thus all information regarding transactions is public and on chain.

NFTs-as-service -

Equity based NFTs with real world utility. Offering users reward and loyalty discounts.

Community -

Start-ups will be able to engage with and build their community to establish a loyal customer base.

Key Benefits Of Our Platform For Businesses

1: Orbeon Protocol bridges fiat & crypto in the back-end giving users access to their NFTs via an easy-to-use wallet.
2: Launchpad & marketplaces transactions take place on-chain with Orbeon Protocol as a third-party facilitator.

Benefits For Orbeon Protocol Users

Lower gas fees: Unlike some transaction fees that can be in the triple-digits, Orbeon Protocol will always aim to be stable and keep fees to within a few cents or dollars.
Faster transactions: During usage peak times, transactions can take hours to complete. Users on Orbeon Protocol will see theirs processed within seconds.
Enhanced security: By leveraging the latest technology, Orbeon Protocol will offer a whole new layer of security solutions on top of existing standard protocols.