Orbeon Protocol

Token Details

Name: Orbeon Protocol
Ticker: ORBN
Total Supply: 888,000,000
Initial Price: $0.004 ($1 = 250 ORBN Tokens)
Chain: Ethereum
Total Presale Tokens: 470,640,000
Launch Date: 4th April 2023
Once the presale concludes we plan to launch the Orbeon token on two decentralised exchanges (DEX). The first DEX will be UniSwap and we plan to launch 48 hours after the presale closes. We plan to accelerate our marketing efforts growing our community and token holders, we will then list on Coin Gecko and Coin Market Cap.

Token Tax

There will be a small tax applied to each buy and sell transaction, once the Orbeon token launches on UniSwap. This helps the team maintain the protocol and stabilise the price.

Tax Purposes

Deflationary burn - Orbeon will buy back and burn tokens from the exchange. This is intended to increase the value of the tokens overtime, reducing the amount of $ORBN in circulation.
Liquidity pool - A percentage of all taxes will be used to add more liquidity to the liquidity pool, this helps ensure that there is enough liquidity for our community to trade.
Marketing - We will apply significant resources towards marketing the project on a domestic and global level. This strategic investment into marketing will help drive brand awareness and growth of the entire Orbeon ecosystem.
Redistribution - A percentage of trading taxes will be redistributed to our token holders enabling a lifetime of passive income from the trading activity of the $ORBN token.