Orbeon Protocol

How Does It Work?

Real-world businesses and crypto startups will be able to launch funding rounds on the Orbeon Protocol investment platform by issuing reward or equity based NFTs.
Each investment opportunity into a company will be minted into an NFT and then fractionalised into smaller portions allowing the everyday person to invest in smaller amounts.
All of the investment terms are written into the smart contract of the NFT which is publicly available and tamper-proof. This creates a completely transparent environment for both businesses and users.

No more rug-pulls

One of the key advantages for users of the Orbeon Protocol investment platform is that all NFTs minted have automatic "fill or kill" functionality. This means that if a company is unable to fill its funding round within the required timeframe all funds will automatically go back to the investors.

Challenger VC

Thousands of startups and crypto projects are funded by VCs who are the ones that get in early at the best price on favorable terms, this usually results in the everyday person only being able to invest in these great ideas at the end of the hyper growth cycle and are the ones who generally buy at the top of the market. Orbeon Protocol are here to change that, we are here to challenge and disrupt the traditional VC model.