Orbeon Protocol

The Orbeon Token

$ORBN the utility token fueling our platform.

$ORBN Token: at the center of the Orbeon platform, required to launch and contribute to campaigns. Enables our users to pay less fees for trades.
The $ORBN utility token is designed to reward our community, investors and early adopters.
$ORBN token holders will be able to earn exclusive benefits and passive income by staking their tokens. We will operate our staking system on a tiered basis meaning that the benefits and amount of passive income rewarded will dependent upon two main factors.
1. The number of $ORBN that has been staked
2. The duration that these $ORBN have been staked for
Once staked these tokens will be locked, different lock periods shall provide different reward rates and users won’t be able to unstake before the lock-in period ends. However, users will become eligible to claim the rewards linearly.
Our internal team will be the ones to initiate operations and product development, but the governance will eventually move into the hands of our community creating a socially-conscious structure. $ORBN token holders will also be able to vote on new upcoming projects.
This will put power into the community’s hands and equip them with the ability to drive the platform and operations in a positive direction.
Users will receive discounts on trading fees on the Orbeon marketplace and cashback rewards. The discounts on trading fees will be structured on a tiering system of up to 75% and cashback rewards will be distributed to token holders who are active in the Orbeon marketplace. Cashback rewards will be paid in USDC.