Orbeon Protocol

The Solution

With Orbeon Protocol we aim to solve crypto & NFTs biggest adoption hurdles for businesses and individuals to offer frictionless onboarding

Problems we aim to solve for the end user:

Lack of Knowledge: easy to understand documentation (no jargon) and 24/7 support
Lack Of Trust: Projects from real businesses, creators and brands
Clear Value: Not just art, NFTs with real world utility
Poor User Experience: Intuitive easy to understand platform
Complexity: No complex wallets or crypto jargon
A One Stop Shop Multi-chain Launchpad From Trusted Businesses: bridging the gap between some of the most exciting, promising blockchain projects and early-stage crypto investors.
Fractionalized NFTs: Allowing users to invest in top early stage blockchain projects from as little as $1.

Solution for Businesses

A decentralised multi-chain launchpad.

1: Fractionalised utility NFTs for everyday businesses
Not just digital art, only utility based NFTs from businesses people trust & use daily
2: End-to-end support
Full lifecycle of utility NFTs, with easy frictionless onboarding into web3
3: A utility NFT marketplace
A legal entity with authorization to hold and swap crypto, allowing businesses on our platform to operate without having to tend to any crypto